Babolat Pure Aero Team 2019

Babolat Pure Aero Team 2019


The Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Team is perfectly suited to junior players or intermediate adult players looking for lightness, maneuverability and spin. Now redesigned and re-engineered, the updated Pure Aero Team features more control plus a better feel.


The Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Team continues to evolve thanks to Babolat’s bold technical partnerships. Babolat has added in Carbonplystabilizer to the Pure Aero Lite which is powered by Chomarat. This new addition to the Pure Aero Lite is a new generation of high-performance carbon fibers for more control and stability on every shot. The 2019 Pure Aero Team also features an even better feel thanks to a technological partnership with SMAC, an innovative French aerospace company. For optimal vibration absorption, Babolat integrated SMACWRAP technology (thin viscoelastic rubber) placed at the 3 & 9 o’clock.

  • Strung Specs

    Head Size: 100 square inches

    Length: 27 inches

    Strung Weight: 10.6oz or 300g

    Balance : 4 points Headlight

    Strung Swingweight: 308

    Stiffness (RDC): 68

    Beam Width: 23mm/26mm/23mm


  • Stringing

    There is NO LABOR charge to string a new racquet. The only charge is for the string itself.


If you would like the racquet strung please go to the string options page by CLICKING HERE.


If you would like the racquet unstrung then no need for this step.

When you reach the checkout screen please ADD YOUR TENSION TO THE NOTE SECTION.

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