Babolat Pure Strike Tour 3rd Gen

Babolat Pure Strike Tour 3rd Gen


Introducing the Babolat Pure Strike Tour 3rd Gen Tennis Racquets. Updating the 2016 version with an all-new red & white 2019 Pure Strike Tour Racquet.

The latest Babolat Pure Strike racquets boast more control and a better feel at impact thanks to two new technologies: C2 and Control Frame Technology. C2 is the latest generation of Pure Feel powered by SMAC and it filters vibration for a pure feel on every shot. Control Frame Technology combines the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of a regular elliptic structure, ensuring you play with maximum control.

The Babolat Pure Strike Tour 3rd Gen Tennis Racquets feature a 98 square inch head size with a 21/23/21mm tapered beam. Weighing in at hefty 11.9 ounce strung weight, the new 2019 Pure Strike Tour backed by the updated dampening technology of C² Pure Feel is perfect for that stronger performing player looking for the heavier weighted package.

  • Strung Specs

    Head Size: 98 square inches

    Length: 27 inches

    Balance : 6 points Headlight

    Strung Swingweight: 333

    Stiffness (RDC): 65

    Beam Width: 21mm/23mm/21mm

  • Stringing

    There is NO LABOR charge to string a new racquet. The only charge is for the string itself.


If you would like the racquet strung please go to the string options page by CLICKING HERE.


If you would like the racquet unstrung then no need for this step.

When you reach the checkout screen please ADD YOUR TENSION TO THE NOTE SECTION.

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