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If you are looking for Sports Training or Physiothererapy  I would take a look at Smart Athlete Physiotherapy. Below is some information about them...

Smart Athlete Physiotherapy was founded out of the frustration with the traditional physical therapy model.  We believe you deserve more than a few minutes of hands on care and then passed on to an aide.  Traditional physical therapy clinics let their care be dictated by insurance reimbursement and visits per year.  This doesn’t lead to optimal outcomes.  At Smart Athlete your plan of care is determined based on what you need to reach your goals.

Smart Athlete PT provides more than just physiotherapy.  We help the athlete within us move without compensation and pain, creating freedom to do what you love most!  We have developed services that provide all the tools you will need to live an active and pain free lifestyle.

Who do we work with?   We believe there is an athlete within us all.  As long as you are willing to learn, we are the right provider for you. or or 919-424-6055

Smart Athlete Physiotherapy provides extensive physical therapy services to patients of all ages and backgrounds! Our physiotherapists have years of experience treating weekend warriors, youth athletes, fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and everyone else in between! We have been challenged with countless injuries and can give you the quickest solution to your problem. Our personalized treatment strategy coupled with the proven techniques below will leave you feeling better in no time!

Physiotherapy services

• Sports Injury Rehab • Running/Gait Analysis • Dry Needling
• Postural Restoration • Pelvic Health
• Preventative Care Plans • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Athlete Management Services

• Athlete Risk Assessment • Return to Sport Testing & Training
• Tennis Performance Training • Sports Recovery Services
• Speed & Agility Training • Team Workshops

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